3, is the magic number

The Truebelles. 

Three, the magic number ?

Diana Ross and the Supremes, Destiny's Child, Martha and the Vandellas, TLC. Trios of female singers have captured the public imagination in ways that seem to stretch beyond popular entertainment entering the realms of mythos. In music 'two is company, but threes a chord'. Aside musical reasons for why three human beings singing together make for a classic ensemble, what accounts for the special charis-magic of three women in proximity to each other ?

The magic of a female triumvirate in culture is sewed throughout classical literature and folklore from 'the weird sisters' in Shakspeare's Macbeth to 'the Furies' in Shelly's Prometheus Unbound. 

The music industry has seen mega successful male trios. Most notably, the brothers Gibb, better known as the Bee Gees. The fact that less male trios exist than their female counterparts underlies the phenomenon. Of course there also exist very successful female groups with more than three members such as The Bangles, Fifth Harmony, The Spice Girls, Little Mix. Ect. Yet none of the above, produced notable solo ventures, where as, The Supremes launched Diana Ross. The Ikettes spawned Tina Turner. Destinys Child produced Queen Bee her own-self, Beyoncé. 

The Spice Girls debut 'wannabe', is often cited as the most commercially successful song ever from a female act. "Wannabe" even the title seems like an accidental gun shot in the foot. Fun and charismatic, the Spice Girls never delivered a Tina Turner, Diana Ross or a Beyoncé level talent from among themselves, proving that even if you wannabe you can end up, , a neverreallywasbeen. They did give us diet feminism-lite, 'girl-power'. 'Wannabe' a classic term denoting the reach for identity, yet strong musical identity never found itself in the promise of the Spices.

Another artist's chart debut (possibly the least pro-women's rights advocate of all time,) of the same era also focused on identity, Eminem. (Who incidentally cites Madonna as his favourite popular artist!). Eminem whose chart debut 'my name is' not only questioned his own identity but found himself questioning the identity of which Spice Girl he wanted to impregnate, gaining him a shlew of adoring female fans (we might call Feminemineminists), no doubt entertained at his misogynist wit which poked at the underlying slick marketing of the spices. Which spice do you like ? Which flava sailor ?

Could the world now be ready for a more diversely sophisticated female trio in the post Amy Winehouse era ? Where that other trio; talent, dark humour and earth shattering songs can inhabit the die cast even before Shakespeare and Shelly. 

A tangible amount of mythology, mystery and destiny follows female singing groups who count thier members in threes. Enter Grace, Tallulah & Lorena aka "The Truebelles" With their neo funk punk debut 'Mister Nobody' promising to permanently rewrite the book on how hard a girl act can kick you right in your culture. Female acts have appeared before on the music scene with great promise and fanfare and disappeared just as swiftly. The promise of another, offering a genuinely new perspective on what a female act can do for the zeitgeist, could seem like too-cruel a tease in the wake of former and current disappointments. A brief gaze at thier latest music Promo and the girls mini bio's suggests something might be about to happen with these three ladys.

Tallulah Bluebell a fine arts graduate painter from the Brit school, (the same institution attended by Amy Winehouse.) awarded by her teacher there a Picasso print, signed by Picasso. A participant of Britain's Next Top Model 2017 and songwriter. Then there's Grace who played her first paying gig at 13 years old in a pub and did it solo, singing to a backing tape. Whilst in college a few years later got up on stage and sang with Stevie Wonders band. Lorena the lead vocal on this release, an Australian chanteuse who also fronts Scotland's premier dance act playing to arenas of thousands and being the most notable Australian import to Scottish culture since Mel Gibson fancied himself in a kilt.

Grace, Tallulah & Lorena. So if you're looking for Truebelles you came to the right place.

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